Where David stands on the issues most important to you and your family.

Fiscal Responsibility

I support the Joint Task Force on Budget Reform's most recent recommendations to strengthen the state's finances and be better stewards of your money. Those recommendations are:

  • Improve the Budget Process
  • Use a Portion of unused agency funds to Establish Reserve Funds
  • Review Tax Credits, Exemptions, Deductions, and Tax Preferences on an Ongoing Basis
  • Review Earmarked State Revenues on an Ongoing Basis
  • Enact Long-Term Budget Reforms
You can read the full report here.


Jefferson County has landed several major economic development projects in recent months. I work diligently with our County Commissioners, Vestavia and Hoover City Councils and Mayors, as well as with the Governor's Commerce Secretry, to bring more jobs to our region to continue the incredible progess that's been made.


As a member of the Alabama Republican Party Steering Committee, I have led the charge to rid our party of corrupt elected officials in our ranks. I will go to Montgomery and work to end the culture of corruption that has sadly become all too prevalent in politics as a whole.


I believe in local control of schools. I will work with educators and parents in our district to ensure our schools have tools and resources to maintain exemplary high standards and rankings Vestavia Hills and Hoover schools have worked so hard to achieve.

Opioid Crisis

Drug and opioid addictions, and deaths have reached a crisis level in today’s society. We must accelerate drug addiction education and supply adequate resources so that families may successfully end addictions of their loved ones. I fully support the Freedom from Addiction Coalition's efforts in the Over the Moutain communities, and will work with our mayors to expand on these efforts.